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Towel Tracker SENTRY is Easy to Use...

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Guests should swipe cards not towels
Let's turn your towel losses into
towel INCOME!

Getting a Towel Tracker SENTRY™ is Simple - We Offer Purchase, Lease, or Rental Options starting at $750/month

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Fitness Club Benefits

  • Less Cluttered Fitness Floors

  • Enables Towel Subscription and Lost

               Towel  Revenue

  • Reduced Annual Towel Spend 20% to 50%

  • Green - Reduced Laundry Cost 10% to 40%

  • Eliminates Towel Distribution Hours

  • Works with all major financial software

  • Automatic Warning Notices and Charging for Lost Towels

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Resorts & Hotels Benefits

  • Guest Pool Towels Available 24/7 or When You Are Open for Business

  • Less Cluttered Pool Decks Since Guests Return Towels Instead of Cluttering Your Pool

  • Reduced Annual Towel Spend 30% to 60%

  • Green - Reduced Laundry Costs 10% to 40%

  • Eliminates 8 to 32 Towel Distribution Hours

  • Increases RevPAR from Guests that Fail to Return Their Pool Towels

  • Works With All Major Lock OEM's

  • Nightly Reporting 

  • Automatic Posting of Charge Available

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Medical & Laundry Benefits

  • 24/7 Staff Access to clean Linens and Scrubs

  • Tracks multiple SKU's Per Cabinet

  • Staff Can Have More Than One Set of Scrubs

  • Provides Stocking Status by SKU  To Prevent Size Depletion

  • Easy to Restock and Empty Return

  • Tracks Total Cost of Ownership for Linen & Scrubs

  • Eliminates Human Distribution Efforts

  • Enables Revenue Models

Data Analytics That Matter


Can My Guests Get Towels Now?


Which Rooms Should I Charge for Lost Towels Tonight?

Each install sites received an informative web-based reporting portal

Our Data Analytics Also Answer:

  • How many towels, linens or medical scrubs am I losing to my laundry supply chain?

  • What is my total inventory of towels, linens, or medical scrubs?

  • When do I lose the most towels?

Customer Comments

 "With Towel Tracker SENTRY™, my pool deck is cleaner since guests return their towels when they leave the pool area"

Glen in Florida

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Discover Hidden Recurring Savings and Lost Towel, Linen, & Medical Scrub Revenue 

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